YPA Wear Your Voice!


We are really happy to share the results of our amazing Erasmus+ Youth Participation Activity “Wear Your Voice!”. The project aimed to promote pro–active opinions of young people through messages & designs on clothes developed by young people themselves as a consequence of a set of online workshops on the topics of active citizenship, youth participation, communication, design and social activism. 

We wanted to empower young people to speak up in a pacifistic and constructive way about the social issues that touch them (in)directly and make them more aware of the importance of them making their voice heard.

Participants from Poland, Spain, Latvia, Greece and Italy met online and discovered what is activism, met our amazing guest speakers (representatives of fashion brands actively involved in designing clothes with social messages, people connected to promoting slow and sustainable fashion, activists), learned about sustainable fashion and creating slogans, experienced various creativity exercises and finally – designed their own ideas for socially engaged messages. 

The chosen slogans are: MIND YOUR MIND and TEARS ARE OKAY – developed as a follow-up of the discussions by the participants about the importance of mental health among youngsters, especially in the digital era of social media and a lot of pressure at school and university and THE WORLD IS LIKE PIZZA. LET’S HAVE PEACE and WHY WAR as a follow-up of the debates and sharings in the topic of war and, particularly, the war in Ukraine.

The designs/hoodies are now being worn by youngsters in different parts of Europe and we already got feedback that they often open a discussion in a public or private event on the topic they tackle. We are very happy with how the results of the workshops went, they overscored our expectations.

Youth Participation Activity “Wear Your Voice!” is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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