Who we are

YoWo Poland is a non-governmental organisation based in Poland, established in 2020. We have got a lot of experience in youth work, but even more enthusiasm and motivation to create local and international youth projects.

What we do

Our mission is to promote active citizenship, volunteering, conscious lifestyle, as well as to encourage young people to participate in European mobility opportunities through which they can experience intercultural learning.

We offer educational opportunities that are FREE and ACCESSIBLE for everyone. 

Young people impacted DIRECTLY through YoWo Projects

Erasmus and ESC projects implemented by YoWo team


of participants in YoWo projects are "Satisfied" or "Supersatisfied" with their experience

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Training courses

Opportunities for Youth Workers, Teachers, NGO workers & anybody involved in the work with youth.

Youth exchanges

Opportunities for young people 18-30 to discover the beauty of intercultural learning!

Local activities

Our diverified activities that we design and impement for and with our local community.


Thanks to YoWo Poland, I had the opportunity to visit different countries and learn about different cultures, which has always been incredibly inspiring and educational. If you are looking for an organization that organizes the best Erasmus projects, you have found the right place. I recommend this organization wholeheartedly!




Jakub Płoński

Youth Exchange participant from Poland

I discovered my passion to work with young people back in 2021, in my first project with YoWo Poland. I always wanted to work in the field, but I didn’t know how. In the Erasmus+ training about social entrepreneurship, I learnt about how to make my project real, and look at me now 2 years later, I’m waiting for my first project about emotional education to be approved!! I can’t recommend YoWo Poland enough. They are so passionate about their work and so approachable. Without them I wouldn’t be here.

Fátima Díaz Freire

Training Course Participant, Motus Europa

Looking up the words “reliability,” “professionalism,” and “credibility” in the dictionary, there should be the logo of YoWo Poland and its members next to them. In fact, there should be a separate entry just for them: YoWo is by far the best organization I have ever collaborated with. Working with them is a pleasure, thanks to their approach to non-formal education methods, their open-mindedness, their dedication to increasing the quality of youth work and their motivation to make the world a better place. More than an association, they are a family to me!

Fabio Meazza

Partner, YEuropa! project



Would you like to take part in an Erasmus+ international project?

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Erasmus+ Training Course „Youth Forward” in Czechia

Erasmus+ Training Course „Youth Forward” in Czechia

Discover a world of possibilities with our Erasmus+ training course on youth participation! Ready to explore the topic? Want to discover tools and opportunities that can enhance youth participation in your community? Check out “Youth Forward”! Some important details:...

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Young, Wild & Free”, Spain

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Young, Wild & Free”, Spain

Are you looking for a way to get rid of excuses and start really living? Close to nature and in harmony with yourself? Are you curious about how to practice sports in the most ecological and non-standard way possible? We invite you to the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange,...

Erasmus+ Training Course „Colourful Hands” in Spain

Erasmus+ Training Course „Colourful Hands” in Spain

Do you want to discover the magic of visual thinking and learn how graphic elements can become a powerful tool in the educational process? Discover the basics of graphic facilitation and learn to draw so that others understand you better and are more willing to engage...

Erasmus+ Training Course „Y-AI in Youth Work” in Czechia

Erasmus+ Training Course „Y-AI in Youth Work” in Czechia

Are you wondering how to use the potential of artificial intelligence to work more effectively with young people? Or maybe you have doubts whether AI has a positive impact on young people? We have an Erasmus+ training course for you, during which you will explore all...

Erasmus+ Training Course „EveryBODY free” in Italy

Erasmus+ Training Course „EveryBODY free” in Italy

Are you interested in gender equality? Do you want to exchange opinions and experiences with people working with youth on this topic from all over Europe? Join the group sent by YoWo to an Erasmus+ training course in Italy and take part in a training aimed at...

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