Youth Exchange “Feel U Potential” in Spain


From 5.11-12.11.2023, the “Feel U Potential” project took part in Spain. YoWo Poland was proudly represented by five participants: Paulina, Ania, Zuza, Milenia and Szymon.

The project was organized by an NGO from Malaga called UPlanet and was conducted by three energetic and passionate people: Larisa, Jesús i Pablo. 

The main topic of this YE was personal development from an individual perspective but also in regards to our social interactions. Besides, it was a possibility to meet young people from different countries, visit beautiful parts of Spain and enjoy sunny weather in November.



Our days were filled with activities. It was both individual exercises, which gave us a chance to know ourselves better, and group work. We talked to other participants about our dreams, fears, experiences and plans for the future. We discussed our understanding of values, what we expect from life and what we could share with others. We learned about practical ways of achieving goals, also in the context of getting involved in social initiatives. 

The tasks were diverse and mixed with entertaining games which allowed us to integrate more. For instance, we were dancing together, playing city games in the town and or had to communicate without actually using words. Some of the exercises also took place in the beautiful garden or on the sunny beach. We were able to learn a lot from one another and got inspired through listening to each other’s stories.



Even though the main goal of Youth Exchanges and Training Courses is to learn and implement a project approved by the EU, there is also a lot of entertainment taking place. The presence of representatives of other countries is on its own interesting enough to many of us, while this is just the beginning. During our stay at Algarrobo Costa we had an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture, try local dishes, drinks, enjoy the sun, being surrounded by olive and tangerine trees. Each evening and during the lunch breaks we could explore the beach, relax in the garden or in the common room, always in good company. 

Representatives of each of the countries also organise a cultural night – an event during which they demonstrate typical elements from their homelands, e.g. food, music, dances, expressions and other curiosities. During our trip, two of such nights took place. 

Additionally, to have a break from mental effort, the organisers took us to Malaga city for one whole day. After completing a tour with a professional tour guide, everyone was able to enjoy their free time in any way they chose to – for example, I got a small tattoo and visited the Museum of Malaga 😉


It was only my second project, but I can safely say that this type of trips is an amazing opportunity for not only self-developing, but also meeting wonderful people who share our worldview, in spite of originating from different cultures and growing in different conditions.

No matter the background we come from, our interests or our level of English, each of us is able to gain something valuable by participating in such a project. Obviously, you should pay attention to the main themes of the trips, and opt for something which is the most appealing to you. This way, the exchange will definitely be fruitful. We shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things, because they might as well turn out as something perfectly fitted for us.

Participants’ opinions

This project appeared in my life at the right time. It allowed me to take a break from my day-to-day worries and to look at life from a broader perspective. The people I’ve met and the conversations I’ve had with them were a source of inspiration and energy that I will try to maintain in my everyday life. I will never forget this experience and all of the random, cute moments that took place – highlights of the day.


Feel U Potential – it was my first Erasmus+ project and I already know that definitely not my last. I decided to participate because I wanted to experience something new, meet new people and maybe learn something new. I was very excited about it, so my expectations were quite high and I was afraid that I might be disappointed. However, after the first day I already knew that there is no need to worry, and that the moment of returning back home will be difficult. Just as I expected, I met some amazing people with whom I’ve had very valuable conversations. I had a great time, which was at the same time educational, and I spent one of the best moments of my life. The main theme helped me discover what I can improve, what I can do better, and gave me a lot of motivation to act, which I was lacking before. Now, having experienced all of the above, I can undoubtedly recommend it to anyone with all my heart!


I wanted to thank you for the opportunity of taking part in this project. I was on the waiting list and found out about the free spot at the last minute. I was hesitant whether it was the right time to go. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I was positively surprised. I didn’t think that it would be such an emotional and integrating experience, definitely a lifelong memory that also changed something inside of me <3 But it all couldn’t be possible without all of the great people and the fact that we had a safe space to share our experiences. And Spain itself is 11/10! I think that we represented Poland in a good way, congratulations also to all of us!


It was the best project of my life <3, and it was already my ninth one! What made this one so special? First of all, the topic of personal development is extremely interesting to me and having high expectations for every activity, I was not disappointed. I feel that I indeed got a lot of valuable conclusions out of this week of working on myself. Secondly, the people who organised this exchange were so full of passion and love for what they do that they spread this positive energy on all of us and it was beautiful! Thirdly, I am impressed by how twenty-something at first strangers, entirely different people, were able to create a harmonious group. During the project, you could feel the atmosphere of acceptance and empathy, which made it much easier to open up and share experiences. I am super grateful for the opportunity of participating in this project, meeting wonderful people and (let’s be honest) enjoying the sun, while in Poland we can no longer experience this luxury in November 😉


It was my first Erasmus trip so I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if it would be a good decision but now I can tell with certainty that it was one of the best decisions in my life. It was a nice break from my everyday life, my routine. I visited amazing places, I took part in enriching tasks that helped me  see clearly my goals and how to get closer to them but mostly I fell in love with the atmosphere and people there. I was surprised you can put so many cool people in one place. I’ve had a really great time and I will cherish it forever 🙂


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