Young, Wild & Free – Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Spain


From April 8th to 16th, the youth exchange “Young Wild and Free!” took place. The organization responsible for the project was our Spanish partner association UPlanet. Participants from Poland, Spain, Armenia, and Italy gathered in Cuevas Bajas in sunny Spain, where they engaged with topics of sports, physical activities, and a healthy lifestyle.

During the activities, they participated in various physical exercises in direct contact with nature, raised awareness about climate change, contributed to environmental protection, and learned about the depopulation of villages due to the development of enterprises. All participants are very satisfied with the project, and here are the memories from our Polish participants:

The Erasmus+ project trip was an incredibly inspiring and positive experience for me. Besides the opportunity to learn about new cultures, people, and places, I had the chance to delve into the diversity of views and ways of thinking. Interactions with participants from different countries broadened my horizons and inspired me to look at the world from a new, more open perspective. The project also helped me overcome the language barrier, but most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to form new relationships with people from various parts of the world and gain unforgettable memories. I am grateful for the chance to participate in the Yowo project and for all the valuable experiences I gained during this trip.


My participation in this project had a truly significant and real impact on my life. It is a very valuable experience for many reasons – I indeed met very inspiring and valuable people with whom I can maintain some international contact (I hope it will indeed be possible to continue these relationships); moreover, experiencing the culture and beauty of the local area in the middle of nowhere’ in southern Spain was also astonishing. The organizers were absolutely professionally prepared to conduct the project in every aspect, both logistical and social (they were just cool folks). I am grateful for this time and to everyone who contributed to my being there. It was an honor.


The trip was funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme.

This article was written by Oliwia Siwoń, YoWo Poland volunteer.

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