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Recently a team of participants from YoWo Poland joined a Youth Exhange in a beautiful nature of Estonia. All the activities of this week project were focusing around the various sides of communication. Participants from different countries learned how to speak more confidently, how to listen and understand others and become more literate and conscious of the world that surrounds them.

Agata, from the Polish team, shared with us her memories from the project:

The Communication Project” in Estonia was the first experience of this type for many of us. However, most of the fears that accompanied us had already disappeared at the airport, when we had the opportunity to meet the entire Polish group for the first time. We immediately managed to find a common language, and our relationship was getting better every day. The project also allowed us to integrate with representatives of countries such as Estonia, Spain and Italy.

Our organizers Chito and Ingrid made sure that the time we spent in Estonia remained productive. Each day was filled with activities aimed at passing knowledge to us in a pleasant way. We realized how broad a phenomenon the topic of our project is, i.e. communication. We learned about its non-verbal forms such as body language, physical contact, and visualization. We also tried to master the art of active listening and acquired the knowledge needed to become a good leader. There was also a topic related to social media. In my opinion, the most interesting lesson, however, was about assertiveness. Thanks to this seemingly fun exercise, we realized the need to be able to set limits.

We also got the opportunity to show participants from other countries the Polish polonaise dance or a Belgian dance. During the other evenings, we played in Spanish, Italian and Estonian style. As a result, we have a much better understanding of the culture of the countries concerned.

The project also gave us the opportunity to get to know ourselves. The most important effect of this trip is openness to diversity and the willingness to learn from others.

YE The Communication Project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme.

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