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There are many things that are More Than Money and love is one of the most important ones! 💛💛💛

No more memes from Eliseu, no more soups for each meal, no more messages from our secret friends… TC More Than Money has come to its end😭 But the creative ideas that we come up with, the business and marketing plans for social enterprises, the dissemination plans for sharing the knowledge and skills we have all gained during those 7 days and, above all, the friendships we have created – all that will stay and help us be the change for us and for others! 😇🥰💪 Read the testimony of Eliseu, who participated in the project:

I arrived in Góra Kalwaria for my first project full of fears and uncertainties. I didn’t know how it would be and I felt a bit insecure with my lack of knowledge regarding the topic of the training. However, the insecurities were vanishing one by one from the first day on. Already in the first evening I managed to talk to many participants from different places and noticed many of them were also insecure concerning the knowledge about social entrepreneurship, which helped me calm down and realize that we were all there to learn without any judgement.

On the first and second days of training, we had the opportunity to get to know more about each other, our hobbies, origins and personality. It helped very much with the following activities and also with connection between us. Perhaps, we could have gotten to know more about each other’s professional background in order to implement it in a more effective way while working together, but nothing that could jeopardize the experience.

Every activity was extremely well elaborated and performed and having the chance to work every day with different people made them even richer and fuller of diversity. 

Creating our own project sounded initially much harder than it actually was, perhaps because I couldn’t visualize the full goal since the beginning. So unfortunately, I ended up not developing the idea which I had in mind. On other hand, it was also very fascinating to work in a project which already existed, even if in the initial steps, but being able to leave my contribution and participate in the presentation for someone’s project regarding a country which I haven’t ever been to, was priceless. I learned a lot about the countries of the other teammates and I believe they were also able to learn from mine.

I arrived with fears and uncertainties and left with new perspectives, dreams, knowledge and friends. It was one of the best decisions I could make and was the first of many projects I’m going to take part in. Many things have already been added to my daily life and to my personal projects since I came back, so I’m able to say that I’m a better person and more capable to impact the society I live in, than I was before this amazing experience.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

Eliseu Rosa Jr. participant of a Training Course “More than Money”

🌏 Training Course “More than Money” is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

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