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Another Training Course by YoWo Poland! Welcome to “Employ-Abilties”, a training aiming at developing soft skills in any way and context possible, for a better employability, for a better life.

How else to reflect what happened during the training if not through words from the participants themselves? Take a look at what they have written in daily reports while exploring the topic of soft skills deeper than they had ever imagined:

“The first day was filled with a lot of new people, a lot of new names, a lot of talks and a lot of steps made around sunny Góra Kalwaria 🌿🌤”

“(…) we managed to complete the long and difficult list of tasks starting from different researches, through photos, videos, dancing with the snowman and amazing songs and poems.”

“We started the second day with a “theater improvisation” trying to make together some picture 🏞🏖🎭”

“At the end we discuss about our opinion related to a super sad love story (maybe even saddest than Romeo and Juliet’s one)💔🤧”.

“To sum up: great day but definitely not the best of our lifes since it was pretty overwhelming 🤗”

“Then we opened our creativity with drawing circles and then continued on creating the impressive inventions that were amazingly presented” 

“It was great to see everyone adapting to the situation to present their realistic inventions, which were very challenging but rewarding”

“We ended today’s session with a list of plenty of soft skills we have practiced today ♥️🥰”

“The first activity of the day helped us put ourselves in other peoples shoes. We learned how many external factors can influence one’s wellbeing and social mobility. We learned the importance of empathy free of stereotypes.”

“The second activity allowed us to give our failures another chance and turn them into successes. Learning from failures can be a painful process but well worth the trouble.” 

“lots of creativity and adaptability skillz were developed… i swear i felt like that meme of the math lady.”

“We later had a discussion about what a non formal education is, followed by writing a soft skill and a workshop idea on a piece of puzzle and combining them to form groups to work with and create a workshop together…. (…) but i promise you its really cool method!”

Thank you Wilkołaki, Feniksy, Jednorożce, Wróżki & Smoki!

Training Course “Employ-Abilities” is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

Article by all participants of a Training Course “Employ-Abilities” gathered through their daily reports.

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