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Few days ago we have finished an Erasmus+ Training Course Creative Change that took place in beautiful Kolin, Czech Republic. Vlad Artiukhov, one of our participants, shared with us some of his thoughts about this experience of exploring change management, problem solving and creativity. Check it out!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “change”?  Is it something positive or negative? What comes along with a change? Some memories from the past or maybe excitement and expectations of the coming future? 

Now, let’s try to add another word and blend them together “creative change”.  Wow, now it’s even more confusing… Is it good? Is it bad? Is it vegan? Can lactose intolerant people tolerate it? What is it all about? 

To answer all these questions, I, personally, and 24 other guys came over to Kolin in Czech Republic to learn about theory and to practice some skills relevant to the topic of “creative change”. 

Wonderful Fred and Julia, trainers, have prepared more than 50 hours of content, and after passing the course, it feels like I now know everything about the concept of change in this world. How to set goals, make them become real and – what is the most important – how to analyze the outcomes based on the KPI framework. 

“In the world without chairs, just remove the gravity.”

It was a great week, no feelings of regret, nor thoughts of wasted time. Very safe and pleasant environment, thanks to Helena and Lucie, encouraged us to accomplish our goals and let us stay awake and energized 24/7. 

One more sentence about the guys I’ve mentioned above. 

You’re all awesome, don’t you dare ever forget about it! 

And another one for those from Boltanym one of our Houses-families during the project, remember:

“The wave of change starts with a splash.”

Article by Vladislav Artiukhov participant of a Training Course “Creative Change”

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