Erasmus+ Training Course “CreateAbility” (Czechia)


The Erasmus+ project “CreateAbility” took place from July 1 to July 9, 2023, during which our participants learned how to solve emerging problems in a group and create innovative solutions for working with groups. The trainers on the project were experienced Frederik and Julia, who passed on their knowledge in an interesting way. There was a lot of movement, fun, laughter and knowledge gained, and as Kamil recalls, the relationships that were created are of the greatest value:

“Hi! My name is Kamil and I am writing this text to share with you my impressions from the second Erasmus Plus project in which I had the opportunity to participate. Although it was a Training Course during which specific issues were discussed (the main topic was Change Management and Creative Problem Solving), I would like to focus on how the people I met during the project have influenced my life.

During this project, I had the opportunity to meet many fascinating people with different backgrounds from seven European countries. Thanks to this experience, I understood how important it is to open up to others and how much value can be gained from meeting people with different cultures and perspectives.

Even if the main topic of the project was Change Management and Creative Problem Solving, it was these international connections that made this training an unforgettable experience for me. I believe that what I learned from my new friends will have a positive impact on my life and career in the future.

To sum up, Erasmus Plus is not only an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge in specific fields, but also an unforgettable adventure in learning about cultural diversity and establishing valuable relationships. If you have the chance to take part in such a project, I definitely recommend it!

Thank you for your attention and I wish you all great adventures and inspiring meetings, both during the Erasmus Plus trip and in everyday life!”

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The project is funded from the Erasmus+ programme and organised by CEFIG International in the Czech Republic.

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