In May 2021, we implemented KA2 Training Activity “Game On!” which is part of Strategic Partnership under the Erasmus + program. In a sunny Spain, 20 people met – representatives of four partner organizations – Soholm 4H from Denmark, CEFIG International from the Czech Republic, Las Ninas del Tul from Spain and, of course, from Poland – YoWo Poland. For a week we worked and learned together about social involvement of young people and creation of educational games. A great team from Poland consisted of Pawe┼é, Jan, Weronika, Ania, Kuba, Ola and Marlena ­čÖé

Ola, for whom it was the first Erasmus + project in her life, shared her thoughts about the activity with us:

I had a truly amazing time while participating in this project! But let me start from the beginning – I joined the project at the very last minute because one participant needed to cancel. I was very happy to go abroad, meet new people and learn something new. I had never participated in such a project before. However, I started to get nervous when I met other participants at the airport. It turned out that they all have a lot of experience with gamification and even work on game development on a daily basis. I started to think that I was a totally random person there. Fortunately, all my doubts vanished very quickly.

During the first project session organizers assured us that there is no reason to be afraid, because we are all here to learn. So I was learning! I learned about game theory, youth participation, and of course about designing games. I was a member of a small team and together we created a card game that teaches about skills and attitudes that we develop by participating in various types of volunteering or projects.

I also have to mention the atmosphere of the project that was really special. The organizers took a great care of providing us with a great time and integration, so that we had a really cool environment for work and study. Everything was perfectly planned! We were able to get to know each other and our cultures (of course all with following all restrictions regarding coronavirus). The fun part was dividing us into teams / houses (like at Hogwarts) and giving us different tasks to complete for points. Such tasks were, for example, cleaning the training room or writing reports, but also group singing or dancing. So we were fighting for every point while having fun.

I left Spain with a head full of thoughts, inspirations and new knowledge. I am looking forward to another such an opportunity to develop further and meet such wonderful people as during the “Game On!” Project.

Testimony by: Ola Puszczykowska, participant of KA2 training Activity “Game On!”

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