International Tool Fair (Marseille, 2022)


In YoWo Poland, we are constantly seeking opportunities to broaden our horizons, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to society. If you’re someone who is passionate about youth work and keen on exploring innovative educational methods, then the International Tool Fair is an event you need to know about! Let’s dive into the exciting experiences of Ula, one of the creators of YoWo Poland who attended the Tool Fair in Marseille, France in November 2022.

The International Tool Fair is a remarkable event that brings together youth work experts from across Europe and beyond. Its primary objective is to facilitate a platform where professionals in the field can learn from each other, exchange best practices, and foster creativity in non-formal education initiatives. The 2022 Tool Fair was held in the beautiful city of Marseille, and Ula’s participation shed light on the incredible value of such gatherings.

Ula described her week in Marseille as “super intense but in a good sense!” The event was a hub of interesting people, all driven by a shared passion for youth work and education. The fair provided a unique opportunity to interact with experts and professionals who are pioneers in their respective fields. Ula emphasized the immense value of these interactions, as they provided her with new perspectives and insights into her own work at YoWo.

However, what truly set this event apart was its commitment to community engagement and social impact. Ula was delighted to share that the participants didn’t limit themselves to workshops and networking alone. They actively contributed to the local community during their time in Marseille. Ula and her fellow participants engaged in activities like tree planting, cleaning the city’s beaches, and volunteering at a social help center. These hands-on experiences served as a reminder that youth work is not just about personal development but also about making a tangible difference in society. What is more, through these activities, the participants did their best to limit the carbon footprint of this huge event.

A person bends over on the beach and collects something into a plastic bag. Cloudy weather.
Two people present a proudly and joyfully planted tree. They hold spades crossed over a tree.
A person bends over on the beach and collects something into a plastic bag. Cloudy weather.

Thus, the importance of sustainability was another key theme at the International Tool Fair. The event emphasized the need to integrate sustainability principles into non-formal education initiatives. Through discussions, presentations, and practical activities, participants were encouraged to explore ways of incorporating sustainability into their work. The Tool Fair also promoted the idea of responsible and conscious practices, inspiring participants to become agents of positive change in their communities.

As Ula reflects on her experience in Marseille, she eagerly looks forward to the next edition of the Tool Fair. In 2023, the fair will be hosted in Ireland, promising another exciting opportunity for youth workers and enthusiasts to come together, learn, and grow.

XVI International Tool Fair took place in Marseille, France, 21-25.11.2022.

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