Erasmus+ Training Course “PEPAR” (Czechia)


Over the last two years, our organization, together with organizations from the Czech Republic (Cefig), Spain (Las Ninjas) and Denmark (Søholm 4H), have been creating, checking and testing educational games. The Goal of our meetings was to create games that will help in learning participation through games.

Thanks to the “PEPAR” project, we managed to raise the competences of youth workers and NGO employees in the field of youth participation, its levels, challenges and strategies. We created guides, organized two events and four one-day seminars, and were able to share and showcase three educational tools.

 In May 2021, the first Game on! in Spain, during which our representatives worked and learned together about the social involvement of young people and the creation of educational games.

In December 2021, another meeting took place in Copenhagen, where together with our partners we tested games created during the previous months. We created six game prototypes: a board game, an online game and four card “mini games”.

At the end of March 2022 in sunny and rainy Molina (Spain) we met again, and the purpose of our meeting was to provide us with practical knowledge through action, playing games, as well as mutual integration.

Thanks to this cooperation, great educational tools have come from under our wings, which you can find at:

Grupa młodych ludzi pozuje do zdjęcia trzymając flagę Unii Europejskiej.
Grupa ludzi gra w grę edukacyjną.

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