Erasmus+ Carpe DIEM! in Italy


“Carpe diem!” – this Latin phrase, meaning “seize the day”, is a perfect motto for Erasmus+ projects, which are all about making the most of the time you spend with other participants.

One of the latest projects we took part in was an Erasmus+ Training Course called “Carpe diem! (Digital Innovation in Educational Methodology)”. During the course, participants learned about and exchanged ideas on tools for creating training and informal education methods. The event took place in Molfetta (Italy), from 10 to 16 October. The hosting organization was Associazione InCo.

Here is what Justyna, one of the participants, had to say about the project:

In the days from 10 to 16 October, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a fascinating project called “Carpe diem!” organized by InCo in the picturesque Molfetta in Puglia. The planned events were full of diverse activities, during which representatives from different organizations presented creative solutions using online tools for creating training. We not only had the opportunity to test Canvas, Padlet, or Trello, but also to explore the local corners during an active walk, visit interesting companies, and participate in workshops on making our own pasta. However, the most valuable treasure of this experience were the amazing people I had the opportunity to spend this time with. 🌍🚀🤝🇵🇱🇮🇹

In addition, anyone can see what specific resources and activities were presented during the project. In the link below the article, you will find a link to the Booklet, which will certainly answer any of your questions about this project and provide you with the knowledge that was being passed on.

This project was funded by the Erasmus+ program.

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