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“Is there anything I regret? Yes. The fact that I didn’t know about YoWo before!” – said one of participants from YoWo Poland – Julia, who recently took part in an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Progress in Work” in Spain. The project aimed to increase the employability of participants by enhancing soft skills considered fundamental in the labour market. For eight days young people from Poland, Spain, Portugal, North Macedonia and Estonia were exploring and practicing various soft skills.

Check out memories from the project of the YoWo team:

“How many fries can the average Pole fit in his stomach? What hidden talent you have not suspected existed? Are only the Scots playing the bagpipes? How long does it take for people to start considering you and your group of new friends as a harmonious bunch of friends? Is playing flank always associated with the victory of the Polish national team? You will know all these questions only when you leave YoWo for a youth exchange! Myself, going to the project “Progress in Work”, even in the smallest percentage, did not expect the enormity of wonderful impressions that I experienced. Each activity planned for us by Ula and Fabio was refined down to the smallest detail and helped us develop on many levels. It is impossible to choose one moment that I remember best, but I perfectly remember the feelings that constantly accompanied me during the whole project in Asturias: happiness, fatigue, satiety and the feeling of belonging to a group of people who really care to become better. Is there anything I regret? Yes. The fact that I didn’t know about YoWo before!” – Julia

On June 24-31, I participated in a youth exchange in Piedras Blancas in the Asturias region. This project was called “Progress in Work” and was aimed at sculpting the participants into valuable people on the labor market. Honestly, from my perspective, I have never come across such a substantive project that involved the participants in discussions and work in such an interesting and interactive way, and for that, I would only like to thank the hosts Ula and Fabio. There is also a tear in my eye to think about our Polish team, which from the first day harmonized with each other as if we were together for a few years. The cherry on the top were the people we met there, a bunch of the nicest and cheerful people I’ve ever met, I keep my fingers crossed A LOT for us to meet again”. The Asturias region is beautiful, mountainous areas and beaches by the Atlantic Ocean are an amazing combination, plus visiting the mine or Oviedo, the camera in my eyes will surely not forget these views. Finally, I will add that the last thing I will remember is a moment of reflection that allowed me to think a lot about the world from a different angle. Thank you YoWo Poland for sending not to such a wonderful place and may it not be the last time!” – Tomek

“When I decided to apply to the “Progress in Work” project, I did not expect that I would be surprised by so many things. One of them was, for example, that in Spain, in the middle of summer, it does not have to be as warm as it may seem or how many similarities there are between Slovaks, in behavior, but mainly in language. I remember incredibly well the hours of conversations comparing different words in our languages and trying to get along only with their help” – Wiktoria

Youth Exchange “Progress in Work” is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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