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Recently we’ve joined an amazing project “Come Out and Play!” in Latvia that aimed to create space for LGBT+ youth and allies to meet and to disconnect from the society and its pressure and connect with oneself and people around. We’ve discovered outdoor and nature-based learning for community building & personal (physical and mental) wellness.

Here you can read some reflections of participants from YoWo team and see how they’ve experienced the project:

The project was an amazing adventure and I recommend it to everyone. It is an accumulation of vast knowledge, amazing people and different stories in one place. Thanks to the exchange, we were able to participate in many interesting workshops, deepen our knowledge of mental health and raise very important issues related to LGBTQ +. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the entire project and development” – Karolina

The project was very difficult for me, but at the same time a beautiful and shaping experience. Difficult, because it was the first project with people I did not know, which was a huge step outside the comfort zone, which scared me to such an extent that I wanted to return back to Poland. I am glad that I stayed after all. We created a safe space there together and for the first time in my life I opened myself to a large group of people without fear of being judged by anyone. I just knew that each of us had gone through similar things and would show understanding for the other of us. From conversations with other people I learned a lot of important life lessons and thanks to them I made new acquaintances. The kind in which I know that I can speak suddenly and ask for advice or a simple conversation on the phone. Most of the classes and workshops dealt with topics that I had no one to talk to or I was afraid to talk about. There were a few topics that touched the emotions deep within me to such an extent that I had to go out and cry out. But also then I was not alone. People from the group or even the organizers were ready to support me. Thanks to this whole project, I gained the courage to fight for myself. And with all certainty and pleasure I will go to another project that Active Rainbow will be organizing” – Roma

Participation in the project turned out to be the best experience in my life. Apart from getting to know wonderful people, friendship and love, I got to know a better a part of myself that had never been visible. During the project, this part could finally come out! Thank you to YoWo Poland and Active Rainbow for a great time” – Madzia

Check out a video recap from the project! >>

Youth Exchange “Come Out and Play” is financed by Erasmus+ Programme.

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