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Training in the Bulgarian wilderness? Check it out!

“Storify Yourself!” is an Erasmus+ training course that focused on the holistic process of personal reflection and rediscovery that is essential to understanding ourselves, effectively connecting with others, and fulfilling our life mission. One of the participants – Vijayant – shared his report with us and we invite you to read it!

The journey to Dobrinishte, Bulgaria started way earlier than it actually started. The excitement of going to a different country, combined with the anxiousness of meeting over 30 strangers from over 8+ nationalities was finally settling in.

On the 30th of November 2022, I landed in a country that seemed and felt like it was stuck in time, with wooden houses, cheap taxis and a sense of slow-paced life that I had been unknowingly wishing for long. I felt very lucky and grateful when I first got to know that we were going to stay in a residence located in a valley, surrounded by beautiful greenery, and waterfalls and was graced by the grand view of beautiful Pirin mountain.

As soon as we reached the residence, it became apparent that this experience was going to be much more than we had anticipated. Our trainers were very warm, present and wise individuals. Right from the first day itself, they stripped us of any anxiousness by sharing about themselves quite openly. The participants themselves came from all walks of life. From talented chefs to art teachers, bartenders to artists, we had the making of a whole community with us.

We took a train ride to hike the famous Rhodopi mountains, learnt a lot about human interactions, and were faced with a few physical and emotional challenges. On the way back, most of us were silently processing what had happened, both inside and outside us. As we sat for dinner, we could sense some sort of inner upheaval. 

What followed in the upcoming days was a roller coaster ride of finding the real one within. Through learning the art of improvisation, we found another free and confident version of ourselves. Using improv, we realised how to be comfortable with ourselves, and acquire an honest stage presence. Through learning the way of non-violent communication, we touched a deeper part of ourselves and others in a way none of us before had. All of us cried, some cried tears of joy, some of longing, others of sadness and some of peace. We realised very late that the project’s real aim was not just to teach us how to be better at storytelling, but rather to provide us with tools to find our own story amidst all the chaos that over stimulates us.

The project taught us to boldly share our stories, find what drives us within and through the means of speaking about ourselves and help others around us. In a span of 10 days, we got to know ourselves and others in a way that was all unknown to us before. Walking silently through the Bulgarian wilderness left me with so much learning and happiness in my heart.

As we sat down in the crisp November sun of 22 degrees, looking at the fluffy sheep graze grass in the distance, we felt some emotions that cannot be named and can barely be fully understood what we experienced was respect, mindfulness, and love for oneself, nature and the lovely people around us.

It was a great way to experience, first hand the Belgian carefree energy, Italian warmth, Greek pureness, Polish resiliency, Portuguese graciousness, Romanian affection, Slovakian wisdom, Bulgarian hospitality, Lithuanian passion and Spanish heartiness.

Author: Vijayant Mehla, participant of this training

Kurs szkoleniowy “Storify Yourself” został sfinansowany z programu Erasmus+.

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