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Another amazing Erasmus+ training course hosted by YoWo Poland has come to an end! For the last week we have been exploring social entrepreneurship in a group of 25 awesome participants from Poland, Czechia, Malta, Latvia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands . We have been discovering how to find a balance between making profit and positive impact in society and we’ve created our own business ideas!

Check our memories of Krzysztof and Wiktoria, who joined the activity:

“If you are wondering whether it is worth going for a project – my answer is: it is. And certainly with YoWo Poland. It was the first time that I participated in a project that was so well, almost perfectly, organised. Thanks to that, us, participants, we had a chance to build wonderful relationships. I will certainly meet the people I met during the project and the programme and gained experiences will stay with me forever.” – Krzysztof

“Joining a Training Course by YoWo Poland is like winning a lottery. The organisation and the level of the project were on the highest level; during this particular project we learnt how social enterprises work, we got to know how to develop your own (!) enterprise and we visited some working businesses of this type. I have particularly good memories from the visit to Klubokawiarnia Pożyteczna in Warsaw which employs people with mental disabilities. The great atmosphere during the project made us feel during those few days that we have known each other forever. I am very happy for the fact that thanks to my participation in the project, I had an opportunity to learn many things, meet great people from all over Europe and get to know about social enterprises in Warsaw.” – Wiktoria

Training Course “Off the Ground” is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

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