YoWo Poland Reimbursement Policy

The following rules apply to the reimbursement process regarding Erasmus+ activities implemented by YoWo Poland. They apply to the partner organisations involved in the activity and all its participants.


YoWo Poland, as the hosting organisation of the project, agrees to reimburse travel costs of each participant of the activity. The reimbursement will only be done under the following conditions:

  1. ALL elements of the itinerary (dates, hours, means of transport) to and from the activity must be agreed on with YoWo Poland before purchase.
  2. The travel costs will be reimbursed up to the budget limit for a specific partner country that the participant comes from, as specified in Infopack of the project.
  3. YoWo Poland will reimburse exactly the amount spent on the travel shown on travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.) presented to YoWo Poland.
  4. The reimbursement covers only public transport (no taxi & no insurance costs). In exceptional circumstances, car travel costs can be reimbursed; however, this always needs a special approval from YoWo Poland before the activity.
  5. During the activity, the participant will be asked to fill in the reimbursement form where they specify all the travel costs. If any cost was paid in another currency than EUR, InforEuro exchange rate must be used according to the date of purchase of a given ticket (https://bit.ly/InforEuroExchangeRate). YoWo Poland will assist each participant in filling in the form.
  6. ALL tickets must be presented in a digital form or in a paper form, according to how they were issued by a transport entity, to YoWo Poland until the last day of the activity. If the participant is obliged to buy paper tickets after the activity, YoWo Poland must be informed about this before the last day of the activity. In this case, the tickets must be sent by post to YoWo Poland within one week after the activity on the address: Stowarzyszenie YoWo Poland, ul. Wspólna 13, 05-520 Bielawa.
  7. The reimbursement is made by a bank transfer to each participant individually according to bank details provided by them in the reimbursement form. In exceptional circumstances, YoWo Poland can send the reimbursement to a partner organisation for all participants from this organisation. Such an arrangement needs to be agreed on before the end of the activity.
  8. The reimbursement transfers are made in EUR. It is possible to receive the reimbursement in PLN, however this needs to be agreed on when filling in the reimbursement contract.
  9. The reimbursement transfers are made within two months after the activity, unless specified differently upon special circumstances that will always be communicated on a regular basis to partner organisations and participants.
  10. The reimbursement is made only to participants who took active part in all the sessions during the activity (exception: medical certificate from the dates during the activity).
  11. The reimbursement transfers are made only after the participant fills in an official European Commission online participant report sent to them on the last day of the activity and after YoWo Poland receives a proof of a dissemination activity done by the participant (pictures, links, etc.) according to specific requirements communicated in Infopack and during the activity.