First day of “Mówiciuch” Solidarity Project


The first day of the “Mówiciuch” workshops is behind us! 💛

➡️ We talked about why we like the clothes we wear (doggy socks 🐕).

➡️ We looked together for answers to easy and difficult questions – what would we like to eat for the rest of our lives? and ❔ what does it mean to be happy?

➡️ We wondered what ACTIVISM meant to us 🔥

➡️ And we saw in practice what activism is for our guests: Unipride and PUNK PARROT, and that we take our energy to act from the sun, and that it just works out! 😍

➡️ Apart from that, we were looking for yellow things around us and we were exploding like pop corn!See you at the next workshop – we can’t wait! 💛

The “Mówiciuch” project is a solidarity project financed by the Europejski Korpus Solidarności program 🌐

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